Panneau acoustique avec réservation luminaire

Tempo acoustic panels to improve your indoor acoustic performance!

TEMPO acoustic panels can be installed on walls, on ceilings and on the ground, free-standing on feet. They’re ever-so easy and fast to install and premises don’t need to be shut down. They’ll tailor perfectly to your interior design, whatever type of space you need to equip, and they’ll improve your acoustic performance.

The different types of acoustic panels

Here, at Tempo, we offer different types of acoustic panels to meet your needs. Our team is on hand to help you define the number of panels you need to improve the acoustic comfort of your spaces as much as possible.

A great choice of colours to jazz up your acoustic panels

Colours and materials to suit all tastes

Request our fabric colour charts and discover our amazing shades in over 130 colours.
You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for to soundproof your indoor spaces, be it a free-standing acoustic ground partition or a ceiling-secured acoustic panel.

Tissu acoustique blanc
Blanc 210
Tissu acoustique crème
Crème 220
Tissu acoustique ecru
Ecru 222
Tissu acoustique lin
Lin 236
Tissu acoustique sable
Sable 212
Tissu acoustique chatain
Châtain 224
Tissu acoustique marron
Marron 241
Tissu acoustique ecume
Ecume 240
Tissu acoustique mastic
Mastic 214
Tissu acoustique ardoise
Ardoise 227
Tissu acoustique gris acier
Gris acier 219
Tissu acoustique noir
Noir 228
Tissu acoustique amande
Amande 215
Tissu acoustique verdon
Verdon 223
Tissu acoustique sapin
Sapin 237
Tissu acoustique azur
Azur 239
Tissu acoustique bleu roy
Bleu roy 225
Tissu acoustique terracotta
Terracotta 213
Tissu acoustique paille
Paille 238
Tissu acoustique cerise
Cerise 229
Tissu acoustique carmin
Carmin 233
Tissu acoustique bordeaux
Bordeaux 216
Tissu acoustique grenat
Grenat 211
Tissu acoustique jacquard J186
Tissu acoustique jacquard J31
Tissu acoustique jacquard J95
Tissu acoustique jacquard J157
Tissu acoustique jacquard J159
Tissu acoustique jacquard J181
Tissu acoustique jacquard J126
Tissu acoustique jacquard J162
Tissu acoustique jacquard J156
Tissu acoustique jacquard J50
Tissu acoustique jacquard J148
Tissu acoustique jacquard J124
Tissu acoustique jacquard J192
Tissu acoustique jacquard J172
Tissu acoustique jacquard J169
Tissu acoustique jacquard J11
Tissu acoustique jacquard J134
Tissu acoustique jacquard J19


Make your desires a reality with digital printing. A design, a logo, a color, a shape? We realize all your desires! Digital printing is done directly on our fabric “La” Toile.


Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D neige
Neige 230
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D naturel
Naturel 001
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D taupe
Taupe 226
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D chamois
Chamois 218
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D chocolat
Chocolat 234
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D mandarine
Mandarine 010
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D orange
Orange 221
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D rouge
Rouge 031
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D brique
Brique 025
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D prune
Prune 015
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D groseille
Groseille 217
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D fushia
Fuchsia 004
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D ebene
Ebene 099
Pistache 026
Pomme 231
Sauge 2034
Poussin 012
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D galet
Galet 006
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D gris etain
Gris etain 2029
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D nuage
Nuage 028
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D bleu clair
Bleu clair 232
Ciel 005
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D cobalt
Cobalt 2031
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D outremer
Outremer 011
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D acier
Acier 002
Tissu acoustique La Maille 3D plomb
Plomb 008
Tissu acoustique Le damier Blanc
Tissu acoustique Le damier D101
Tissu acoustique Le damier D911
Tissu acoustique Le damier D921
Tissu acoustique Le damier D932
Tissu acoustique Le damier D309
Tissu acoustique Le damier D935
Tissu acoustique Le damier D934
Tissu acoustique Le damier D319
Tissu acoustique Le damier D303
Tissu acoustique Le damier D931
Tissu acoustique Le damier D336
Tissu acoustique Le damier D451
Tissu acoustique Le damier D943
Tissu acoustique Le damier D427
Tissu acoustique Le damier D428
Tissu acoustique Le damier D942
Tissu acoustique Le damier D941
Tissu acoustique Le damier D418
Tissu acoustique Le damier D336
Tissu acoustique Le damier D951
Tissu acoustique Le damier D407
Tissu acoustique Le damier D967
Tissu acoustique Le damier D966
Tissu acoustique Le damier D965
Tissu acoustique Le damier D962
Tissu acoustique Le damier D698
Tissu acoustique Le damier D963
Tissu acoustique Le damier D613
Tissu acoustique Le damier D960
Tissu acoustique Le damier D656
Tissu acoustique Le damier D961
Tissu acoustique Le damier D964
Tissu acoustique Le damier D614
Tissu acoustique Le damier D610
Tissu acoustique Le damier D607
Tissu acoustique Le damier D969
Tissu acoustique Le damier D968
Tissu acoustique Le damier D691
Tissu acoustique Le damier D971
Tissu acoustique Le damier D741
Tissu acoustique Le damier D973
Tissu acoustique Le damier D734
Tissu acoustique Le damier D972
Tissu acoustique Le damier D725
Tissu acoustique Le damier D974
Tissu acoustique Le damier D714
Tissu acoustique Le damier D801
Tissu acoustique Le damier D983
Tissu acoustique Le damier D984
Tissu acoustique Le damier D878
Tissu acoustique Le damier D985
Tissu acoustique Le damier D809
Tissu acoustique Le damier D224
Tissu acoustique Le damier D919
Tissu acoustique Le damier D918
Tissu acoustique Le damier D929
Tissu acoustique Le damier D817
Tissu acoustique Le damier D928
Tissu acoustique Le damier D212
Tissu acoustique Le damier D201
Tissu acoustique Le damier D986
Tissu acoustique Le damier D833

A great choice of shapes to jazz up your acoustic panels

Triangle acoustic panels, round acoustic panels, hexagon acoustic panels and a host of other shapes are available at Tempo.










Acoustic roofs

Acoustic tiles

Acoustic arches

Office privacy screens

Bespoke acoustic panels

Acoustic quality plays a vital role in ensuring your comfort and productivity in your workplace. To improve the acoustic performance in your space, why not think about installing acoustic panels. Here, at Tempo, we offer bespoke acoustic panels to meet your needs. Our bespoke acoustic panels are designed to tailor perfectly to your space. We work with premium-quality materials to ensure optimal acoustic performance while adding a dash of style to your interiors. We offer over 130 shades and 5 different materials so that our panels are perfectly in tune with the style of your surroundings.

You’ll send us an HD version of your file
We’ll check that the file is compatible for large-format printing
We’ll send you a RTP for confirmation
Once confirmed, we’ll launch printing on our La Toile fabric
Afterwards, we’ll manufacture your acoustic panels or your stretched acoustic fabric

Installing your acoustic panels with Tempo

Request a quote
Got a project in mind? Well then, just complete the quote request form directly on our website or call a sales rep in your area. We’ll be delighted to help you!
Reviewing your need
Once we’ve received your request, our sales team analyses it based on the characteristics of your spaces and your colour choices. Then, we’ll let you know which acoustic panels are suitable for your project.
Quote sent within 48 hours
We don’t want to waste your time. This is why we guarantee your quote’s sent within 48 hours!
Confirming the quote
Once you’ve agreed to the quote, we’ll confirm your order and launch the manufacturing of your acoustic panels.
Ships within 3 to 4 weeks
We’ll ship your order within 3 to 4 weeks, the time required to make your acoustic panels.

Acoustics, it’s all a matter of technical know-how

Tempo’s acoustic panels reduce reverberation time (RT) in spaces

As such, RT is reduced thanks to Tempo’s high acoustic absorption across the whole frequency range. This acoustic performance is expressed with alpha Sabine αs (the acoustic absorption coefficient) per frequency and with a single αw coefficient. (αw=1 i.e. 100% absorbent).

Highly-effective, certified acoustic panels

CSTB acoustic certification αw= 1

TEMPO reduces reverberation time (RT) in spaces. As such, RT is reduced thanks to Tempo’s high acoustic absorption across the whole frequency range. This acoustic performance is expressed with alpha Sabine αs per frequency and with a single αw coefficient
(αw=1, 100% absorbent).

VOC A+ emission

All components are A+ classified pursuant to decrees on the labelling of construction products and wall and floor coverings on their volatile pollutant emissions.
(report on request)

B-s2, d0 fire class

Euroclass B-s2, d0 (French M1 standard).
TEMPO products are listed pursuant to European Union classification on their fire reaction. (report on request)

Bespoke project

The systems used for installing TEMPO products, as well as the shapes, sizes and colours can be changed to meet your specifications. By building on our expertise and technical know-how, TEMPO forges trusting relationships with its customers.

Made in France

Most components are sourced in the European Union. TEMPO products are designed and manufactured at our production site located in Maine et Loire (49), France.

A great choice of colours

Tempo offers a great choice of fabrics and colours: 5 textures and over 130 colours. Digital printing also means you can style your indoor spaces with a bespoke look.

Tempo acoustic panels adapt to your living spaces

Acoustic panels Bedroom

Acoustic panels Office

Acoustic panels Restaurant

Acoustic panels Recording Studio

Acoustic panels Open Space

Acoustic panels Waiting Area

Acoustic bedroom panels that enhance sleep quality!
Too much noise in your shared workspaces? Then go for our acoustic Office panels.
Install acoustic Restaurant panels and you can be sure your customers will be over the moon.
Acoustic recording studio panels for high-precision sound and incomparable quality.
Do your employees have trouble concentrating and complain about the noise at work? Well then, install acoustic open space panels!
Ensure waiting conditions are perfect for your customers with acoustic reception and waiting area panels.

5 reasons for installing acoustic panels
Tempo in your indoor spaces

To ensure optimal acoustic comfort

Acoustic comfort is vital in everyday life. It actually has a huge impact on your personal and professional life. Governments are aware of this and have implemented noise regulations. Tempo’s panels reduce reverberation time (RT), which improves the acoustic comfort of your space.

Decorate your spaces

Our acoustic solutions are high-tech and great looking. We don’t just meet your acoustic needs, we also ensure our products are decorative. And, as you have the choice between over 130 colours and an array of textures, our acoustic panels will add a decorative touch to your interior space design.

Bespoke acoustic panels

We also use digital printing so you can customize your acoustic panels. What exactly is digital printing? It lets you print the image you wish on our “La Toile” covering. So, you can have your logo, your slogan, a photo that you like, etc. printed on panels that will also soundproof your spaces.

Promote responsible manufacturing

Our products are manufactured in France in our production facility in Saint-Germain-sur-Moine in Maine-et-Loire (49). Our acoustic absorbent is 100% recycled and our “Le” Jacquard fabric covering is 90% recycled.

Easy-to-install products

Our acoustic panels are ever-so easy to install. We provide you with installation guides to help you. You can also use our tutorial video to help you install your stretched acoustic fabric wall covering.

Get in touch

Need more information? Get in touch with our teams!

Discover our acoustic solutions

Acoustic panel:
Recycled, recyclable, fireproof polyester
Discover our Acoustic wall solution
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