Panneau acoustique sol sur pied
Panneau acoustique sol

Free-standing acoustic ground panels for optimal soundproofing!

Tempo’s free-standing acoustic ground panels are set up with our mounting system called “le pied” (the foot).
Panneau acoustique sol sur pied
Free-standing acoustic ground panels

Our different free-standing acoustic ground panels

The great thing about these free-standing acoustic ground panels is that they can be moved wherever you wish, whenever you wish.


On rollers


On “le pied” (foot)





Got a special request?
Well, we’ve got a solution tailored perfectly to your project!

Why is it important to carry out a diagnostic study of the acoustics in your space?

First of all, it’s important to carry out a diagnostic study of the acoustics in your space to identify your acoustic needs based on what your space is used for.

This lets you know exactly how many panels you’ll need and the best place to install them.

The different mounting systems for our free-standing acoustic ground panels

Our free-standing acoustic ground panels can be placed anywhere. Thanks to our I, X, L and T-shaped feet as well as our roller system and our posts, you can create totally separate workspaces and, as such, reduce noise pollution. A real plus for your employees who’ll enjoy great working conditions!
Just slide the acoustic panel into the slot on the foot and that’s it!

pied boomerang pour panneau acoustique sol


I-shaped foot

L-shaped foot



The benefits of free-standing acoustic ground panels

Let you create targeted acoustic areas

Our free-standing acoustic ground panels can be used to create spaces with more privacy in an open-space working environment.

Mounting systems

Thanks to “Le” Pied’s (the foot) lightness and versatility, you can move your acoustic panels as you wish. This means you can install your panels as close to the noise source as possible.


This type of acoustic panel really jazzes up the style of your spaces. So, it’s essential to choose your colours, your installation system, sizes and coverings well. No need to worry, we’re here to help you!

They’ve chosen free-standing acoustic ground panels

Free-standing acoustic ground panels delight and it shows!

Other acoustic panel surfaces

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