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LA TOILE: acoustic fabric covering

La Toile acoustic fabric covering is made in Europe. It’s available in 23 colours and to cover your acoustic panels as well as your walls through our stretched acoustic fabric wall covering solution.



La Toile acoustic fabric covering is made in France. With its 23 colours, including bright, flamboyant hues, it will add extra style to your indoor spaces. This acoustic fabric covering will give your interior design a vitamin boost.

Key characteristics

Made in France
23 colours

Technical characteristics

Tailors to all our acoustic solutions (Tempo acoustic fabric wall covering and acoustic panels)
The fabric covering on our acoustic panels is fire class B-s2, d0 and fire class B-s1, d0 when used as a stretched acoustic fabric wall covering.


100% fireproof polyester

Installation system


La Toile is especially recommended for use as stretched fabric, given its great width. It’s also used as a removable, washable fabric cover for our acoustic panels.


2,800 mm wide

Discover all the colours for this fabric covering

Tissu acoustique blanc
Blanc 210
Tissu acoustique crème
Crème 220
Tissu acoustique ecru
Ecu 222
Tissu acoustique lin
Lin 236
Tissu acoustique sable
Sable 212
Tissu acoustique chatain
Chatain 224
Tissu acoustique marron
Marron 241
Tissu acoustique ecume
Ecume 240
Tissu acoustique mastic
Mastic 214
Tissu acoustique ardoise
Ardoise 227
Tissu acoustique gris acier
Gris acier 219
Tissu acoustique noir
Noir 228
Tissu acoustique amande
Amande 215
Tissu acoustique verdon
Verdon 223
Tissu acoustique sapin
Sapin 237
Tissu acoustique azur
Azur 239
Tissu acoustique bleu roy
Bleu roy 225
Tissu acoustique terracotta
Terracotta 213
Tissu acoustique paille
Paille 238
Tissu acoustique cerise
Cerise 229
Tissu acoustique carmin
Carmin 233
Tissu acoustique bordeaux
Bordeaux 216
Tissu acoustique grenat
Grenat 211

Design style tips

As mentioned above, we advise you to install our La Toile acoustic fabric covering as a stretched acoustic fabric wall covering. Thanks to its 2,800 mm width, you can cover whole walls without any joins. Perfect for renovation as it’s ever-so easy to install. We provide you with a PDF installation guide and video tutorial.

What are the benefits of La Toile acoustic fabric covering?

French fabric covering

La Toile is made in France. We choose local suppliers so we can offer high-quality products, all manufactured in a responsible way.

Large-width acoustic fabric covering

Our fabric is 2,800 mm wide. As such, it can cover a really long wall, without joins, in one go. This solution is therefore perfect for fast renovation.

Mixing colours

La Toile comes in 23 colours. Mix colours and create a one-of-a-kind setting and, at the same time, improve your acoustic comfort.

Unlimited customization using digital printing

This acoustic fabric wall covering is the only one that can be printed. So, you can customize your interior design and, at the same time, improve the acoustics in your space, by going for digital printing on fabric.

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Is this product guaranteed?

Yes, our products are covered by a 10-year guarantee.

Is it possible to have a colour chart to help me choose the right colour?

Yes of course. Contact us to ask us for a textile color chart. You still hesitate between 2 colors? We can also send you an A4 sample of the selected colours.

How should I install a stretched acoustic fabric wall covering?

If the acoustic cover la Toile can also cover a TEMPO acoustic panel, it is particularly recommended for laying in stretched fabric, because of its large width.
We have a PDF installation manual and a video tutorial. If you still have questions, our sales team is at your disposal.

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