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LE JACQUARD: acoustic fabric covering

Our “LE” JACQUARD acoustic fabric is made in France using recycled polyester. This acoustic fabric covering comes in 18 different colours. It enhances your walls and tailors perfectly to your interior design.



“LE” Jacquard is made in France. It comprises 90% recycled polyester. We offer you a range of 18 different colours. Le Jacquard is 2,800 mm wide.
As such, it can cover your whole wall without any joins! It’s also available, of course, on our acoustic panels but its size means it’s perfect for our acoustic fabric wall covering range.
Key characteristics
• Recycled polyester
• 18 colours
• Suitable for TEMPO’s acoustic panels and for our stretched acoustic fabric wall coverings

Technical characteristics

• B-s2, d0 fire class
• αw = 1 acoustic absorption coefficient


90% recycled polyester

Installation system

“Le” Jacquard is an acoustic fabric wall covering installed using our patented mounting system, DECOWEST SYSTEM strips. What’s more, Le Jacquard is also used as a fabric covering for our acoustic panels’ removable, washable covers. However, given its great width, it’s above all recommended as a stretched acoustic fabric wall covering.


2,800 mm wide

Discover the great choice of colours of our acoustic solutions

Tissu acoustique jacquard J186
Tissu acoustique jacquard J31
Tissu acoustique jacquard J95
Tissu acoustique jacquard J157
Tissu acoustique jacquard J159
Tissu acoustique jacquard J181
Tissu acoustique jacquard J126
Tissu acoustique jacquard J162
Tissu acoustique jacquard J156
Tissu acoustique jacquard J50
Tissu acoustique jacquard J148
Tissu acoustique jacquard J124
Tissu acoustique jacquard J192
Tissu acoustique jacquard J169
Tissu acoustique jacquard J172
Tissu acoustique jacquard J11
Tissu acoustique jacquard J134
Tissu acoustique jacquard J19

Design style tips

As mentioned above, we advise you to install our Le Jacquard acoustic fabric covering as a stretched acoustic fabric wall covering. It’s great 2,800 mm width means you can cover your walls entirely without any joins. As such, Le Jacquard is also perfect for renovation work as it’s ever-so easy to install. We also provide you with a PDF and video installation guide.

What are the benefits of Le Jacquard acoustic fabric?

French acoustic fabric covering

“Le” Jacquard fabric covering is made in France. As such, we promote short circuits when choosing our suppliers to ensure your product is of impeccable quality.

Large-width acoustic fabric covering

Our fabric is 2,800 mm wide. This means that all your walls can be covered without any joins. It’s perfect if you want to do a quick renovation job.

Recycled acoustic fabric covering

Le Jacquard is a recycled acoustic fabric covering. It’s our most eco-friendly acoustic solution.

Attractive colours

Our range comes in 18 colours. These neutral, natural colours will add warmth to your spaces and will tailor to any decorative setting.

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