Panneau acoustique carré suspendu

Acoustic ceiling panels for optimal soundproofing!

These panels are ever-so easy to install and offer incredible soundproofing! They’re available in various shapes and with various installation systems to add a dash of style and acoustic comfort to your indoor space.
Panneau acoustique carré suspendu
Ceiling acoustic panels

Acoustic comfort is vital in everyday life. It actually has a huge impact on your personal and professional life. Governments are aware of this and have implemented noise regulations. Our acoustic panels reduce reverberation time (RT). This means sound is absorbed and the acoustic comfort of your space is improved.

Our different shapes

Why is it important to carry out a diagnostic study of the acoustics in your space?

First of all, it’s important to carry out a diagnostic study of the acoustics in your space to know how many panels you’ll need. This study also enables us to know where to place the panels, their height and their absorption coefficient.

The different mounting systems for our acoustic ceiling panels

Magnetic ceiling-secured

Panel suspended by 1 cable

Suspended by 2 cables

Suspended by 3 or 4 cables

Why should you choose acoustic ceiling panels?

Acoustic panels help reduce the under-ceiling height in your spaces. Their design often stands out and, at the same time, delivers impeccable acoustic absorption. There are various ways to install ceiling panels as you can see below!

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Other acoustic panel surfaces

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