Panneau acoustique mural hexagone

Acoustic wall panels for optimal soundproofing!

These panels are installed on walls without deteriorating them or having to shut down the space when soundproofing.

Acoustic wall panels comes with several benefits, in particular decorative ones. Acoustic panels add a dash of style to your indoor spaces, no matter how they’re installed. Wall panels reduce echo and reverberation, perfect for spaces where lots of discussions are held like meeting rooms.

Our different wall acoustic wall panel shapes

Why should you install acoustic wall panels?

A dash of style

Our acoustic panels will give your interior design a real boost. Whether you’re after something ever-so simple or prefer a state-of-the-art look, we’ll meet all your needs!


Our acoustic wall panels tailor to any setting and deliver optimal acoustic comfort.


And, if ever your space is small-sized, our acoustic wall panels will delightfully enhance your walls, without you having to give up even a centimetre of floor area.

Got a special request?
Well, we’ve got a solution tailored perfectly to your project!

Acoustic wall panels: the different mounting systems


Magnetic wall-secured

Suction-padded to glazed surface

They placed their trust in us with the choice of their acoustic wall panels

Acoustic wall panels delight and it shows!

Other acoustic panel surfaces

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