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Acoustic panels, the solution for improving acoustics in your offices!

Why should you install acoustic panels in your offices?

RTo reduce noise-related

Noise pollution is very disturbing in
the workplace and can even
damage your health. What’s more,
it leads to stress and anxiety for
some people. This is why it’s
important to install acoustic panels
in your offices.

There are many sources of noise
pollution in offices. Conversations
between colleagues, noise from
computers, mice, keyboards, even
air-conditioning and heating noise
can be disturbing. As such, it’s vital
to absorb all this pollution.

Acoustic panels reduce noise
pollution which, in turn, brings
acoustic comfort. As such,
employees feel better in their
workplace because they’re less
stressed by this noise pollution.
So, we can say that acoustic
comfort improves productivity.

Our acoustic panels for offices

Installing office acoustic panels
with Tempo

Request a quote
Got a project in mind? Well then, just complete the quote request form directly on our website or call a sales rep in
your area. We’ll be delighted to help you!
Reviewing your need
Once we’ve received your request, our sales team analyses it based on the characteristics of your spaces and your colour choices.
Then, we’ll let you know which acoustic panels are suitable for your project.
Quote sent within 48 hours
We don’t want to waste your time. This is why we guarantee your quote’s sent within 48 hours!
Confirming the quote
Once you’ve agreed to the quote, we’ll confirm your order and launch the manufacturing of your acoustic panels.
Ships within 3 to 4 weeks
We’ll ship your order within 3 to 4 weeks, the time required to make your acoustic panels.

Highly-effective, certified products

CSTB acoustic certification αw= 1

TEMPO reduces reverberation
time (RT) in spaces. As such, RT is
reduced thanks to Tempo’s high
acoustic absorption across the
whole frequency range. This
acoustic performance is expressed
with alpha Sabine αs per
frequency and with a single αw
(αw=1, 100% absorbent).

VOC A+ emission

All components are A+ classified
pursuant to decrees on the
labelling of construction products
and wall and floor coverings on
their volatile pollutant emissions.
(report on request)

B-s2, d0 fire class

Euroclass B-s2, d0 (French M1
TEMPO products are listed
pursuant to European Union
classification on their fire reaction.
(report on request)

Bespoke project

The systems used for installing
TEMPO products, as well as the
shapes, sizes and colours can be
changed to meet your
specifications. By building on our
expertise and technical know-how,
TEMPO forges trusting
relationships with its customers.

Made in France

Most components are sourced in
the European Union. TEMPO
products are designed and
manufactured at our production
site located in Maine et Loire (49),

A great choice of colours

Tempo offers a great choice of
fabrics and colours: 5 textures and
over 130 colours. Digital printing
also means you can style your
indoor spaces with a bespoke look.

Why should you choose our acoustic office solutions?

Acoustic office panels are mainly used to improve the acoustic absorption of premises and thus reduce noise pollution. However, aesthetics also play a vital role in ensuring well-being at work. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips for your office.

Triangular or hexagonal acoustic panels are ideal for offices. Their strict shapes are forward-looking and conducive to work. Their acoustic performance is guaranteed to improve your employees’ productivity. It’s an investment you’re bound to make. Opt for sober colors or colors that match the current decor of your premises…

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