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Absorption acoustique
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TEMPO’s products are acoustic absorption products. They reduce reverberation time (RT) in spaces. RT is the time required for a sound to “fade away” or decrease by 60 dB after the sound source has stopped. It’s expressed in seconds and is used for characterizing a space using the following terms: reverberant, semi-reverberant and mute. The more absorbent materials a space has, the shorter the reverberation time.

Key concepts in acoustic absorption


Sound, characterized by its level that defines its amplitude, is expressed in decibels (dB) and is given a Lp rating (sound pressure level rating) in standards and regulations.

Sound is also characterized by its frequency, expressed in Hertz (Hz). This corresponds to the number of vibrations per second. It distinguishes between low-pitched and high-pitched sounds.

Insulation and Absorption

Insulation corresponds to any process rolled out to reduce the sound level, not in the space where it’s emitted, but in the adjoining space.

TEMPO products don’t deal with acoustic insulation (airborne or structure-borne noise) but with acoustic comfort. We seek to reduce the part of the sound wave that’s transmitted through a surface (wall, ceiling, ground).


In a space that has no acoustic absorbent on its surfaces, the paths and durations of direct sound waves and those reflected off the surfaces are very different.
A listener receives direct sound waves and reflected waves with a time lag.
The greater this time lag (i.e. the more reverberant a space is), the more the feeling of hubbub will be felt and the more the comprehensibility of speech will be impaired.

You don’t know how to go about tackling the acoustics in your space?

Well then, our sales team is on hand to advise you.

Our products’ acoustic absorption performance

performance acoustique des produits tempo en alpha w

Acoustic performance
in equivalent absorption area

performance acoustique des produits tempo en aire d'absorption

Acoustic performance
in alpha w

TEMPO WALL products’ acoustic absorption performance

Absorbent thicknessAcoustic result
Covering + wadding0,25
Covering + wadding + 4 mm absorbent0,30
Covering + wadding + 10 mm absorbent0,50
Covering + wadding + 25 mm absorbent 0.700,70
Revêtement + ouate + absorbant 50 mm1

TEMPO FELT products’ acoustic absorption performance

THICKNESS9 mm18 mm12 mm24 mm
On the ground0,250,450,250,50
30 mm from the
200 mm from the
with TEMPO 50
mm absorbent
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